The Story of A Charmed Life Child Care

Maria had spent many years building a career in the child care industry, running the babysitting service at a gym, working as a nanny and helping new parents as a post partum caregiver, when she ran into an old friend, Denise. Talking about dreams and goals over a birthday dinner, the idea of starting a child care service together was born.

After months of pondering, the name A Charmed Life Child Care and the company itself was created. Denise was instrumental in the starting up of ACLCC and although she has since moved on to other endeavors, she continues to be of moral support and the most wonderful friend anyone could have.

There is a story behind our name, as Maria once said to Denise; “you lead such a charmed life, as if you have a string of stars following you” - but also from a poem Maria wrote years prior about her love for the babies she had cared for “long after they grow up, I keep each and everyone in my heart like a charm”. The poem has since been lost and if anyone out there reads this and still has the poem-please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

We hope to help you with all of your infant and child care needs and most of all, we welcome you to our Charmed Life Family.