You will find some scattered throughout the site, but here are even more good words about the great work A Charmed Life Childcare nannies do!

"My husband and I were completely overwhelmed both physically and emotionally with the early arrival of our twin boys. The boys were in the Neonatal Intensive Care for the first three weeks and then the madness began. It was a true miracle that Maria came into our lives. With twins there is very little down time and it was a very critical time for me since I had some postpartum complications. I did not need the additional stress of finding help that we felt comfortable with. The minute I spoke with Maria I felt a sense of relief. She was very flexible and was able to accommodate our last minute needs of night relief. Maria, Daria , Dominique and Nadiyah have been exceptional caretakers of our sons. Maria has also given me much needed advice on anything from breastfeeding to teething problems. The list goes on. Now that the twins are sleeping through the night I feel completely at ease leaving them under the care of Maria and her team during the day. Our boys are calm and relaxed in her presence. We feel very fortunate to have Maria in our lives. I highly recommend Maria and the staff of A Charmed Life Childcare for any of your child care needs. They are incredible!!"

-  The Cook Family

"Mateo, our 6 month old, was waking up constantly throughout the night – often five or six times.  Neither my wife nor I were ever able to get any sleep and were absolutely miserable.   After trying everything under the sun we decided it was time to give Maria and her sleep training a shot.  Admittedly, both of us were extremely skeptical at first, during, and even after.  Needless to say she was nothing short of spectacular.  
We stuck with the program and now Mateo sleeps like, well, a baby.  Even by Maria’s standards, Mateo was a tough nut to crack, but eventually he got it!"

-Leonardo and Rebecca

"One of the biggest challenges in parenthood is finding someone who can be trusted, not only alone in your home but, with the life and well-being of your child. I will admit I am not always the easiest client to please, but due to Maria's kind-nature, recommendations from other parents, and my own personal experiences I had no doubt that she could tackle this challenge. Maria sent me nothing but qualified candidates to interview, worked with me long distance, and did not stop until we found the perfect match. She was very patient and in-tune to the type of person that would match, not only my personality but, my daughter's personality as well. 
I was lucky enough to find Adrianna. When she entered at the interview her calm, kind, positive spirit filled the room, and I felt an immediate comfort with her. She is easy to talk to and very patient, yet assertive. My daughter adores and respects her. Unfortunately, My daughter will be in school full-time soon, and Adrianna will no longer be working with us. I think I am more sad than anyone to see her leave. She has been an asset to our household, helping me in anyway she can and treating my daughter as her own family. 
I would absolutely recommend Adrianna and A Charmed Life Child Care to anyone looking for a nanny, or just a sitter for the night. Everyone is pleasant and experienced, and I can leave knowing my child is in good hands."

- BB in New Orleans

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