Questions About Hiring a Nanny

"I don't know the first thing about hiring a nanny. How can you help me?"

When hiring a nanny we guide you along the way. We will assess your individual needs and introduce candidates that will likely be a good fit. After you review their resumes we will arrange in person or tele-conference interviews for you. You may interview as many as you like. Once you have expressed interest in a candidate you may have the nanny work a 1-3 day trial run. We have a fantastic success rate in placing nannies-we can gladly provide references from satisfied clients. And long after you have hired your nanny we will continue to be there for you for support or questions.

We strongly believe that everything should be written down in a contract. We will draft up a copy and custom edit to each unique situation. You and your new employee will sign and keep a copy. We also advise on tax liability and can gladly refer you to a payroll company.

"We are a busy family - how can you make this easier for us?"

"Are your nannies screened and have they passed a background check?"

We are very selective in whom we choose to represent. We use the same meticulous screening process for our employees as we do for nanny candidates available for placement. We only move forward with nannies that express a genuine interest in our company and the child care profession. The first step for anyone applying is to provide us with a professional resume and several references.
Each nanny is CPR/First Aid certified and have received a criminal background and fingerprint screening. They possess a clean driving record and auto insurance. Each candidate is at least 21 years of age and will have signed a strict confidentiality agreement. They must adhere to our smoke and drug free policy. Our nannies have had an orientation regarding etiquette, privacy and how to conduct themselves in public.

"Now that I've chosen a nanny, what do I need to know about being an employer. Can you help me with it?"

You have busy lives, and perhaps are not sure if you want to be an employer. Try our hourly service. One of our employees will provide care in your home or other location. We cover all the scheduling, payroll taxes and paying the caregiver weekly. Nannies are insured for Liability and will have Worker's Compensation Insurance through us. We simply invoice you for hours once a week and many of our families leave a credit card as a form of payment or pay electronically through PayPal, VenMo or Chase QuickPay. Our hourly service is very convenient and it also helps with record keeping- We gladly send you a summary at the end of the year for tax purposes. We ask a minimum of 4 hours per visit.

"What if it turns out that our chosen nanny isn't a good fit - is there some sort of safety net?"

We offer a replacement guarantee of up to 12 months after date of hire. Although we have a very high success rate sometimes "life happens" and you will need to replace your current nanny. There will be no cost to you and we will work as long as it takes to find a new wonderful caregiver for your family.


"Peace of mind" - that's what comes to mind when I think of Maria Tarre. I have two young daughters, and when I leave them in Maria's care, I have complete trust in Maria to keep them safe and to make sound decisions about their care given any situation. These are the basic characteristics a parent requires from any caregiver - to be trustworthy and keep your loved ones safe. However, Maria is not your "basic" sitter. She goes far beyond by truly engaging and connecting with the kids - teaching them through play, books, games, art, and other very fun activities. Her extensive experience as a nanny and mom comes through when you see how much she genuinely cares. I also appreciate how she communicates with me and respects "the rules of the house".
She has made a great impression on my children, and I would highly recommend her to any parent.
- Allie in San Diego