Anna B.

I feel fortunate that my family has had the opportunity to use the services of A Charmed Life Childcare, its owner Maria and various childcare providers for both of our children. The services that I have received (including overnight care, long term daytime care and drop in care) have greatly exceeded my expectations and been very worthwhile. Maria is professional and her competence and has years of experience are impressive. She also has a sincere love for children that shines through when she interacts with them or even discusses them. Finally, she has clearly taken a sincere interest in her employees (in the form of screening, training and mentoring) so that they can provide exceptional service. She and her employees provide so much more than childcare: Because of their experience and training they are able to provide advice and inventive ideas about how to tackle the sorts of problems that all parents face. I've gotten so much more out of my relationship with A Charmed Life Childcare than I ever expected!


Anne C.

The nannies are well qualified and the owner provides excellent customer service. Overall the company has a great reputation.


ACLCC is definitely the best around for all your nanny needs! 10/10 recommend

Ben C.


Ted B.

Maria is the BEST!!! I had a 9 month old baby who usually wakes 4-8 times a night! She consulted with me and within 3 days he now sleeps 10-11 Hours a night. THANK YOU!!


Charlotte A.

I have had the privilege to work as a care giver for Maria, the owner, it's a charmed life! It was is absolutely amazing experience. A great company to work for ! Maria, is truly is passionate and very professional at what she does. She truly cares and goes all out for her clients and makes sure they get the best of the best of caregivers out there. I totally recommend It's a charmed life to anyone who is looking for a loving, & professional nanny to be a part of their family.


Every single caretaker Maria has sent over has been completely professional, kind, and experienced. She is quick to respond on last-minute requests, follows up, and really considers how a match would work between a nanny and her client.

Lorena O.


Denise G.

The owner Maria is passionate about the care she provides for newborn babies and children. She specializes in sleep training techniques and and can provide you with the latest information on child development. Her agency is a 24 full service agency with permanent nanny placement , partime nanny, travel nanny services, weekends, overnight, and special event child care options .

Maria has years of experience caring for kids and provides excellent service.